My game is downloaded

Notes, prohibited acts

The re-distribution is prohibited. It is because there is a possibility of adding the virus when someone distributes the outside again.
So the safest is to download from my site.
It is prohibited to do something by using my game material in your game and using game production and my game material.
But the screen shot image and the play video etc. of the game can be freely made.
And you may put my downloaded game on your web page with the FLASH.

Please tell it to me if there is a person who is doing the prohibited activity. Contact

Game title Game explanation Game size
Iris in Labyrinth of Demons Iris in Labyrinth of Demons(Ver. 1023)
The action role-playing game currently in production. I update the game about once every two or three months. Game production information
You will receive a link to download the latest version by joining in the support.
You can join in the support through the following website.A detailed description of the support website is in the upper right hand corner. Click the link below for a free demo. I'm looking for an English translator.翻訳協力者募集(Looking for translators)
If translation does not proceed, production of English version may be canceled. I'm waiting for everybody's cooperation.
Marionette of dazzle with Iris Marionette of dazzle with Iris(Ver. 02072019)
It enters from the link below.
おさわりケロちゃん It enters from the link below. And You can download Click the link written the word "ダウンロード" on the right side.