Adult action games

It introduces the action game I think fun. Most games are being made by the Japanese. It can enjoy a beautiful dot picture and animation. It is possible to play happily because there is a game written in English. Any game can play readily because the trial version of the game is free. Here,I am doing an easy explanation of each game. Let's enjoy the hentai games together.

-SACRED- This is a search-type dot-ACT game in which you can improve your skills with the items you get. The humiliation scene is mainly heterosexuality and the finely crafted dot pictures are beautifully animated when down. Each animation is not a long, simple loop, but gradually changes and finishes with ejaculation and spawning. It's also convenient to have a down button that allows you to go down by yourself. There are also CGs that you can get by releasing the captured elves and defeating them.
Guild Meister 2
Guild Meister 2 This is a side-scrolling action game in which a magical girl takes back the castle from the monsters that nest there. Elo is humiliated on the spot when down. Furthermore, contact with enemies can lead to multiple plays, such as a 3P. The animation is smooth and exciting, with many variations such as laying eggs, blowjobs and threesomes with each enemy. It is convenient to watch erotic scenes easily with the force down button. The main character is easy to operate and the continuous combo is exhilarating.
WITCH GIRL -EROTIC SIDE SCROLLING ACTION GAME 2- It is a side-scrolling action game to which the hero and the enemy are greatly displayed. So you can enjoy dynamic erotic scene by full-screen. Her clothes are destroyed in the attack of the enemy. The humiliation scene can be seen by coming in contact with the enemy. Animation is great in the main heterologous f*cking. And the voice of the heroine is cute.
Parasite In City
Parasite In City It is a game like the side-scrolling action game of the Resident Evil of the famous 3D action game. Heroine is a sexy woman of golden hair. You can see the pixel animation she is being f*cked by the enemy when she is caught by the enemy. When the infection level rises, she will masturbation without permission. And she gave birth to insects that are parasitic on the body.
SHINOBI GIRL It is a erotic side-scrolling Flash action game written in English. The heroine is a sexy ninja girl. Clothes tear when it is attacked by the enemy. When becoming a stark-naked, is r*ped by the enemy. When became the game over, you can see erotic animation.
LAB -Still Alive-
LAB -Still Alive- It is exploratory side-scrolling action RPG. You can see erotic pixel animation when it is caught by the enemy. There is animation of monster f*cking, tentacles, gangbang, machine f*cking, and lesbian. It is a game that raises the level and uses weapons is fun. For now, let's play with the trial version.
Iris Action
Iris Action It is a side-scrolling ACT game using the 3D model. CG animation seen at game over is very beautiful. There are a lot of tentacles, r*pe, bestiality, and the contents of the lesbian erotic scene.