Role-playing games

It introduces the role-playing game that the Japanese made. There are a lot of games made in Japan, and the game is written in Japanese. There is also a difficult game if you do not understand Japanese. Any game can play readily because the trial version of the game is free. Therefore, after it plays for the time being, let's decide it. Here,I am doing an easy explanation of each game.

Erotical NIGHT ver.1.5
Erotical NIGHT ver.1.5 It is a role-playing game that the Japanese who had been written in English made. It is search system RPG game the brave man fights with woman's enemy. Combat can attack erotic you can f*ck Dari rub the breast or undressed. Of course, the woman of the enemy can also attack such as Kiss and Blow Job. It advances the game while enchanting enemy's woman by his sexual intercourse technology.
Survivor Sarah
Survivor Sarah It is a game like the role-playing version of the Resident Evil of the famous 3D action game. Sarah of heroine is very erotic in 3D model sexy. Heterogeneous f*cking such as zombies and tentacles is the main erotic scene. There are a lot of events, r*pe, anal, restraint, urine, scat, and Blow is included. And streets made of pixel art is beautiful. Of course, it is written in English.
Princess Sacrifice -Adventure of Feena-
Princess Sacrifice -Adventure of Feena- This work is written in Japanese. It is a works like the that fused the role-playing game with the adventure game. A basic operation moves the map to click the destination with the mouse and various events are generated. The event is very erotic. However, it is difficult game if you do not understand Japanese.
Monmusu Quest! Origins -Assaulted by the Vamp-
Monmusu Quest! Origins -Assaulted by the Vamp- It is the game reverse-r*pe is done by the monster daughter. Kind of monster daughter can enjoy the erotic situations a lot more. The monster daughter is a recommended work in a favorite person. It is written in Japanese by an adventure game like a role playing game.