2D animation

A lovely picture is 2D animation of the feature. Movement is very beautiful and craftsmanship. There is a work made from the pixel animation, too and it is very interesting. First of all, Let's make sure the free trial version or sample.

Rondo Duo: Fortissimo at Dawn PunyuPuri ff
Rondo Duo: Fortissimo at Dawn PunyuPuri ff The animation and direction are outstanding, the characters are expressive and dynamic, and the camerawork and direction enhance them. It's a work of art that is already beyond a game. There are 13 girls in total in this work, which is mainly about lesbian and androgyny, in which girls who have become androgyny under a demon's curse tell their best friends about their uncontrollable desires. There is no male entanglement at all, and the total number of H scenes is 100 cuts, 28 finishes, 120 minutes of animation time, and 6 hours of play time.
PunyuPuri XX - Yamiyo to Hoshi no Maidkan
PunyuPuri XX - Yamiyo to Hoshi no Maidkan It is the work of the Circle of the top class of 2D animation. Detailed movement and the expression, etc. do animation very beautifully. You can see the splendor If you look at the trial version. The content of the work is sex, orgy, lesbian, hermaphrodite.
Hard Love Life
Hard Love Life It is 2D animation that expressed the softness of the skin well. Shaking of the chest is particularly erotic.
The erotic scene is Handjob, tits job, bukkake cumshot, cowgirl position, missionary position.