Iris in Labyrinth of Demons

This game is a big capacity. It takes time to really load. It will be faster from the next if you load at a time. Download is recommended if you want to play every time.
Here→ My game is downloaded
I'm looking for an English translator.翻訳協力者募集(Looking for translators)

Control manual(Move)
Dash [V]+[←]or[→]
Jump [C]
Super-dash [V]+[↓]+[←]or[→]
Wall jump[←]~[V]+[↑]+[→]
Scaling[F]+[↑]or[↓] (Initialization[F]+[V])
Menu extension or reduction[G](Not implemented)
Y-axis camera movement[D]+[↑]or[↓]
X-axis camera movement[S]+[←]or[→]
Y-axis camera fixation ON/OFF[D]
X-axis camera fixation ON/OFF[S]
Control manual (Physical attack(use SP))
Weak attack[X]
Strong attack[V]+[X]
Bottom strong attack[↓V]+[X]
Strong jump kick[←↓V]+[X]or[↓V]+[X](In the sky)
Somersault kick[←↑V]+[X]or[↑V]+[X]
Physical attack etc.(Not implemented)
Control manual (Magic attack(use MP))
Weak magic[Z]
Wall magic[←↓]+[Z]
Bottom strong magic[↓V]+[Z]
Powerful magic[←↓V]+[Z]
Magic attack etc.(Not implemented)
The play data saveing method
It came to be able to do save on the magic formation. It is divided by color.
Yellow magic : Save only.
Bule magic : When HP is decreasing, it recovers by passage.
Pink magic : Can be moved to the warp point you pass once there is a warp function.(Not implemented)
Overwrite save[X]
Save by selecting the file[Z]
Control manual(If it is erotic scene)
Piston(If animation can be piston) [V]
Cut-in change(If there is a cut-in)[C]
Escape from enemy[Z]
Animation speed change[F]+[←]or[→]

It can be started the erotic scene by contact with the enemy during the temptation([V]+[↑]) or it can be started the erotic scene by down state.
Magic uses the MP gauge in the upper left. Super-dash uses the VB gauge in the upper left.
Maniac expressions such as bestiality etc is included in this work.
The system will be added in the future because it is still developing.
It is scheduled to be updated once in a month roughly. You can know what has been updated Looking at the update date and time of the game screen.

Please contact me if there are a bug and a wrong English expression.

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My game is downloaded